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We shield your company from liability … From privacy issues to the EPA, when a computer leaves your company it can become a serious risk for your business.  Here’s how  Eagle Asset insulates you and your company from these risks.

   *We take title to your equipment.  That is, your equipment becomes our equipment and it is no longer your responsibility.

   *Hard drives are sanitized or destroyed.

   *Asset tags are removed that may identify the original equipment’s owner.

    *Worthless computer equipment is disposed of in accordance with all Federal and State environmental laws.

   *You will receive a “Certificate of Disposal” providing evidence of services performed.

   *Services are HIPAA compliant.

 We can save your company a bundle.

 Did you know that implementing an in-house computer disposal program can cost more than $400 per computer?  Eagle Asset can properly dispose of your computer hardware for a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself. 

 Plus, in response to the latest pricing games played by other computer recycling companies, Eagle Asset is now the first to offer “No Surprises” Pricing (NSP).  You’ll feel confident knowing up front what your total cost for each project will be.

 And if your old equipment still holds significant value, Eagle Asset can resell this equipment and share the profits with you.

 We do more than just computer recycling.

 Are you interested in an employee purchase program?  Would you like to donate your equipment to a needy charity?  Or maybe you’d prefer to refurbish your equipment and redeploy it to another company department.  Eagle Asset can provide these services and more for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it yourself.

The entire process will be effortless to you.

 You already have enough work to do.  Do you really want to spend your time erasing hard drives and upgrading outdated systems?  Why worry about risk management, software licenses and environmental compliance?  Eagle Asset will pick up your equipment, provide the requested services and send you a detailed record of what was accomplished.  It’s that easy.

25 Years Experience  No Risk - Real Value


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