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Data Destruction Removal



Is a  computer junkyard growing in your company?

 The real cost of in-house PC retirement – According to a recent report by Gartner Research, in-house disposal “presents unique challenges and potential costs that enterprises seldom consider.”  By some estimates, when a company tries to manage its own in-house retirement, the costs can exceed $400 per computer!  Why so much?

 Consider these hidden costs:

 Basic in-house disposal management costs

   *Administrative tasks (inventory, forms, accounting, etc.)

  * Backing up and sanitizing hard drives

  *Storage costs until computers are removed

  *Packing and shipping

  *Disposal fee

  *Opportunity costs (i.e. Could this time be used more profitably?)


 Optional in-house employee sale and/or charitable donation costs

   *Hosting sale (pricing, setting up sales area, asking questions, etc.)

  *Finding charitable organizations that will accept your PC’s

  *Reloading operating systems

  *Testing PC’s

  *Processing payments

  *Technical support

  *Preparing transfer documents


  That’s not all…If you’re planning on offsetting those costs by reselling your equipment, you’d better do it soon.  It’s estimated that stored IT equipment loses 6% to l0% of its value each month,

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